Pro-Cell P1300

Pro-Cell P1300

The P1300 Pro-Cell Prisoner Containment System is a great solution for fleets who need to achieve total prisoner containment during transports. The P1300 provides full usage for 2/3 (Utility) and 60% (Tahoe) of the 2nd row seats while using only 1/3 for single prisoner transport. This new system provides full travel and recline of the front driver’s seat, without compromising the safety necessary for prisoner transport. The single system innovation creates a seamless use for the car during work and after hours.

Offers the same high level of containment as our other Pro-cells. Safely confines the prisoner to only 1/3 area behind the passenger seat of the 2nd row seats, allowing for full use of the other 2/3 OEM seats behind the driver. The P1300’s versatile design allows full functionality of the driver’s seat along with the convenience of additional storage space behind the officer without having to remove the entire OEM 2nd row seats.



  • 1/3 Partition
  • Transport Seat
  • Floor Pan (Utility Only)
  • Lower Extension Panel
  • OSB (Standard or Retractable) Seat Belts
  • Poly Divider
  • Cargo Barrier with Poly Window
  • Standard Passenger Side Door Panel and Window Armor (Tahoe)
  • Custom Molded Replacement Passenger Door Panel (Utility Only)
  • Not Included: Driver Side Passenger Door Panel and Window Armor


  • Single Prisoner Transport
  • Driver’s seat: full travel and recline
  • Easy to clean and sanitize surfaces
  • Mount single or dual weapons
  • Transport seat sits 6” lower than OEM seat
  • Patented airbag compatible wings protection
  • Only need to store 1/3 OEM 2nd row seats
  • Utility: Full access to 2/3 OEM 2nd row seats
  • Tahoe: Full access to 60% OEM 2nd row seats
  • Ideal for transporting a car seat or non-detainee passengers when necessary