Pro-gard Expands Portfolio with Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair
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**Pro-gard Products Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair**

NOBLESVILLE, IN, December 13, 2023 — Pro-gard Products, a leading provider of law enforcement and public safety equipment, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair, a prominent brand known for its innovative solutions in restraint and control.

Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality restraint chairs that enhance the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement and correctional facilities. The acquisition strengthens Pro-gard Products’ commitment to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to its customers in the public safety sector.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair into the Pro-gard Products family,” said Mike Navarro, President. “This strategic acquisition aligns seamlessly with our mission to offer the most advanced and reliable products to law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair’s expertise in restraint technology will complement our existing product line and contribute to our ongoing dedication to public safety.”

The Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair RC1910 has gained recognition for its innovative design, durability, and user-friendly features. To learn more about the Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair product line, please visit

Pro-gard Products has been a trusted name in the public safety industry for over 55 years, providing a wide range of products, including prisoner transport systems, vehicle equipment, and ballistic protection. To explore Pro-gard’s comprehensive offerings, please visit or contact

The acquisition of Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair further solidifies Pro-gard Products’ position as a leading provider of safety and security solutions. The combined expertise of both companies will contribute to the development of innovative products that meet the evolving needs of law enforcement professionals.

About Pro-gard Products:
Pro-gard Products, LLC., a Castleray Company, is a leading provider of law enforcement and public safety equipment. With a 55-year history of delivering high-quality products, Pro-gard Products is committed to enhancing the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement, corrections, and security professionals.

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