Introducing the Handgun Locker
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**Pro-gard Products Introduces the Handgun Locker: Elevating Firearm Security for Law Enforcement Professionals**

NOBLESVILLE, IN, December 13, 2023 — Pro-gard Products, a leading provider of innovative solutions for law enforcement agencies, is proud to introduce its latest offering – the Handgun Locker. Constructed from durable 14-gauge steel and includes an anti-prying lip, the Handgun Locker prioritizes security and longevity, offering peace of mind for law enforcement professionals.

The Handgun Locker is engineered with precision and care, providing a secure and convenient solution for firearm storage. With three access options – fingerprint detection, keypad entry, and key override – Pro-gard ensures that law enforcement agencies have the flexibility and reliability they need. The Handgun Locker is capable of storing up to 100 fingerprints, allowing seamless access for authorized personnel.

The Handgun Locker is compact, designed to fit seamlessly under most vehicle seats or mounted directly to a flat surface. This strategic design choice makes it an ideal go to for law enforcement vehicles, allowing officers to access their firearms quickly and efficiently when needed.

“We understand the importance of firearm security in the field, and the Handgun Locker is a testament to our commitment to providing real solutions for law enforcement professionals,” said Mike Navarro, President at Pro-gard Products. “This locker not only prioritizes security but also offers the convenience and accessibility officers of today need.”

Pro-gard Products has a longstanding reputation for delivering top-tier products that meet the evolving needs of law enforcement agencies. The Handgun Locker is the latest addition to their extensive lineup, further solidifying their position as an industry leader.

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About Pro-gard Products:
Pro-gard Products, LLC., a Castleray Company, is a leading provider of law enforcement and public safety equipment. With a 55-year history of delivering high-quality products, Pro-gard Products is committed to enhancing the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement, corrections, and security professionals.

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