Introducing the Retractable Outboard Seat Belts


Retractable Outboard Seat Belts: Our Latest Advancement in prisoner transport

NOBLESVILLE, IN, August 15, 2022 — Pro-gard™ Products, LLC is excited to announce our new Retractable Outboard Seat Belt option for the Prisoner Transport Seats making it easier on officers when securing prisoners for transport.

Pro-gard’s Retractable Outboard seatbelts eliminate the need for an officer to reach across the prisoner and restrain them into the vehicle. Center Pull Retractable Outboard seatbelts are designed with the retractors mounted behind the transport seat. With the retractors located under/behind the seat it allows for a smooth top surface of the transport seat reducing the risk for shoulder and head injuries by locating the retractors on top of the transport seat.

Pro-gard’s Retractable Outboard Seat Belts include two female buckles that are mounted on the exterior side of the prisoner compartment eliminating the need for the officer to reach across the prisoner while restraining. The stored position is located high on the outside of the Prisoner Transport Partition while the seat is unoccupied. This keeps the belt out of the way for loading/unloading prisoners. In the secured position, the belt attaches to the female buckle at lap level for securing the prisoner for transport.

The belt straps come in our renowned blue for better visibility in lowlight conditions. Pro-gard Retractable Outboard Seat Belts can be retrofitted to existing Pro-gard Prisoner Transport Seats but cannot be used with OEM Seats or competitive products.

Currently the belts are available for the 2021-current Chevy Tahoe and 2020-current Ford Intercept­­or Utility vehicles. For more information about Pro-gard’s Retractable Outboard Seat Belts, please visit or contact Pro-gard’s sales team at 800.480.6680.

About Pro-gard™ Products, LLC.

Pro-gard™ Products, LLC., a Castleray Company, was established in 1968, with one mission in mind, to build a better protective product for the officer during prisoner transports. We provide the safest, most durable law enforcement products designed to perform on the open road. We proudly offer our products throughout North America as well as many foreign markets. Pro-gard’s corporate office is located in Noblesville, IN. For more information, visit