The P1300 Single
Prisoner Transport System

1/3 Cage, Single Prisoner Transport System


Exclusively for the 2020 Ford Interceptor Utility

Our new P1300 Pro-Cell Prisoner Containment System is the newest solution for fleets who need to achieve total prisoner containment during transports. Our latest design for single prisoner transports in the Ford Interceptor Utility allows for the removal of only one OEM seat. Eliminates having to store the entire second-row seat of the Ford PIU to now only storing the 1/3 back seat. It is ergonomically friendly and comes with all the equipment needed to provide fully contained prisoner transport options.

The Newest Member to the Pro-Cell Family


The P1300 offers the same high level of containment as our other Pro-cells. Safely contains the prisoner to only 1/3 area behind the passenger seat of the second-row seats, allowing for full use of the other 2/3 OEM seats behind the driver. The P1300’s versatile design allows full functionality of the driver’s seat along with the convenience of additional storage space behind the officer without having to remove the entire OEM second-row seats.

  • Partition resides solely behind the passenger seat, leaving the area behind the driver seat open for additional equipment storage
  • Includes: 1/3 Partition, Transport Seat, Floor Includes: 1/3 Partition, Transport Seat, Floor  Pan, Passenger Side Door Panel and Window Armor, Lower Extension Panel, OSB, Poly Divider, and Cargo Barrier with Poly Window
  • Available for the 2020+ Ford Interceptor Utility
  • Clear Poly Center Divider attaches firmly to seat and partition
  • Transport Seat sits 6” lower than OEM seat
  • Easy to clean and sanitize surfaces
  • Full access to 2/3 OEM back seat
  • Optional single or dual vertical gun rack mounting
  • Driver’s seat has full travel and recline movement
  • Ideal for transporting a car seat or non-detainee passenger when necessary
  • Patented Airbag Compatible Wings Protection

*Does not include driver side window armor or door panel


Known for the safest products in the industry, our new P1300 Pro-Cell is engineered to back our promise.


The P1300 is lightweight and easy-to-install, providing the quick turnaround you need to get your fleet ready for action.


No other brand promises peace of mind like Pro-gard. The P1300 is designed with careful attention to every detail for safety and security.

“With our current Pro-Cell Prisoner Transport Systems, the entire second row OEM seat is removed and replaced with a full width ABS transport seat. The new P1300 Pro-Cell allows agencies to leave the driver side and middle OEM rear seat in and only remove the outer 1/3 OEM seat. This allow the remaining OEM seats to be utilized for car seats or other individuals in the backseat without sacrificing safety or comfort. The single-seat also eliminates the need for storing the third-row seat which may not sound like a big deal until you have 200 seats that need to be stored. It’s a win for the officer and for the agencies.”

Mike Navarro, President