The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe

Available in two law enforcement packages:


Designed for high speeds and dynamic capability with the added comfort needed from an everyday patrol vehicle.


Focused on off-road and towing needs where high-speed operations are not required.

We’re working to bring you the strongest, most reliable and secure products engineered specifically for the all-new Tahoe and you.

We’re ready when they’re ready

The Safest Tahoe Yet

The All-New 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle has been engineered to give officers an advantage in a variety of situations. The Tahoe PPV features more interior space and greater load capacity than previous generations. It also provides smart new features like police-specific front-row seats to accommodate duty belts and an updated electrical architecture to help simplify upfitting. When the police need proven performance for their fleets, the All-New 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV provides powerful backup.


Known for the safest products in the industry, our 2021 Pro-gard product line for the Tahoe is engineered to back our promise.


Pro-gard’s easy-to-install products provide the quick turnaround you need to get your fully-equipped Tahoe ready for action.


No other brand promises peace of mind like Pro-gard. Our products for the new Tahoe are designed with careful attention to every detail.

We will update our Tahoe product availability brochure as it becomes available for the 2021 Tahoe. View our 2015-2019 Tahoe availability brochure to see the list of products offered.

“While some look at PPV as a necessity for. the job, we look at the Tahoe PPV as an office for LEOs. We are constantly looking for ways to make products that enable law enforcement to do their very best while making sure that they are safe. Every detail for the new Tahoe PPV is crafted from our innovation center where we measure, test, and create all of our products with safety and job effectiveness as the forefront standard.”
Pro-gard Products Engineering Team

A trusted advisor to the OEM group

As we prepare for the launch of the 2021 Tahoe we are continuing to communicate with GM to measure and develope all of our products prior to the launch.



Invite to OEM

Consult with OEM on production fleet vehicle.



Begin the R&D process

Consult with OEM on production fleet vehicle.


Received demo vehicles

Consult with OEM on production fleet vehicle.

As with all vehicles we upfit, we are there from the start to ensure that you’re getting the absolute best fitment available.


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